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Peter Quistgard!!
Playing a show today For the opening of the new exposition at Kortsluiting and MKZ-REdecoration of Helena Sanders, Peter Quistgard will play with beamers, prut and his plastic bunny.          Flyer >>>>

Awsome foooodd! by MKZ crew and more music acts by:
Danny Wagner //aka City Hands
Ti Femme

2 April @ MKZ - Miltvuur Keuken Zuid: 1e Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam
Entree = Donation!!

Winter Tour
Hello 2011!!
So, i have a new band! It's called Dagora. annnd, we are going on tour in February! hallooo?! Yes!! >>>> flyer VVVV
On tour together with Ti Femme, from the dirtyroadtech/unfinished-bussines labelblog!
Check the myspace for exact stuff !

Also! a new release:
                     .RORO. +PQ = ACTION STEREO !
      klik here
Almost 40 Minutes of improvised Drums, Synthboxes, Homemade Guitars and piles of Cymbals.
Avant-garde Free Jazz for the next decade!

               get it by sending an email to me, or go to TOZTIZOK.COM

Circuit Bending!
Recently I have been working on quite some circuit bent objects. The Prrrttelator, which is basically one of those Italian coffee pots, fitted with a tilt sensor to trigger sound of animals +some additional knobs/buttons/switches to change the sounds. RoodBlik, a red can, also with animal sounds inside but with the addition of a drunk pianist kind of circuit. CauwCauw was originally a cacao sprinkler, now there are animals inside which start to scream and cry when you touch the object.
And, my personal favorite, a circuit bent TR-505!! I have used this one for the duo live set with Computer Truck at Le Festival Indisciplinaire. Today I had to give it away to the guy that I made it for... :-(
                  (i will definitely make another one though)

check out the pictures somewhere middle+right of this page >>>>      (about here:   top: 1338px; left: 1254px;)

New Website for Peter Quistgard !! just on the other side of this page !! whoaa!daarrr >> (needs some work still...uhh)

Peter Quistgard - Toztizok Zoundz EP !!! NOW available!!


luc.vanweelden [at] gmail .com

Enfant Terrible

Peter Quistgard
Toztizok Zoundz
LOOS Foundation
Plattegrond Records

Helena Sanders
Firfly Makani
Fedde ten Berge
Poul Holleman
Anne La Berge
Peter van Bergen
Paul Oomen

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current work



Peter Quistgard

a breakcore / performance act with a lot of hacked toys, running around and noise.



        noise impro space trio
        double drums and synth-boxes
        with .RORO. and Stephen



LOOS Interactieve Orkest Machine

active as a software and hardware developper for the LOOS Ensemble since december 2007.
the work for the ensemble untill now has been the development of interactive audio and video software for compositions and installations of peter van bergen.





a collective with poul holleman and salvador breed, previously known as Lik_Me_Rate~. together we work on audio and video installations and performances.


MaxMSP/Jitter tutor

at the moment i am teaching MaxMSP and Jitter lessons at the HKU and also for Anne La Berge and Peter van Bergen.

(if you are looking for MaxMSP or Jitter programming lessons you can send an email to:
luc.vanweelden (at) gmail .com)


[ Live electronics and digital videosynthesis performance // a piece for circuit bent telephone and OpenGL ]

Blokgolven was created by Luc van Weelden in April 2008 when he was invited by Peter van Bergen to do a solo performance at LOOS Studios in the DCR, The Hague. It is an improvisation piece for one performer, a circuit bent telephone and an interactive OpenGL environment. The interactivity of the video-environment forces the performer to constantly evaluate his own actions as every sound and control gesture are directly projected onto the controlstructure of the live generated video. >>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<The circuit bent telephone consists of a telephones numbermatrix which serves as a routingdevice for an oscillatorcircuit. The matrix is controlled by touching it with fingers, creating different connections which results in all sorts of feedbackloops leading to an audio output. The audio output is captured by a laptop where a DSP network is used to make transformations onto the sound.
The video is generated by a videoprotocol called OpenGL. This format makes use of creating 3-dimensional objects of basicly any shape, color and position within a virtual space. For Blokgolven the OpenGL-engine works with several objects with simple geometric shapes which are constantly adjusted by analysis of the performers sound and control gestures.

DIY Hardware - bending objects



NEW !! fun stuff coming up

or: how do those bugs actually work??



with breakout box

////wuuffwuff -









the pinktoy is with fake MIDI triggers for laptop+arduino







Facetten Education Project

a project for children making short comics. the comics are being animated with a sound track and interactive sounds are played with game controllers.

Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten+

i have received a work grant from the Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten to create a performance for turntables and live video together with Fedde ten Berge.

our plans are to create an interactive computer system implemented with neural networks to analyses the sound output from the turntables and turn it into video. in turn, the video will controll the dsp of the turntables sound.
the project is a continuation of an earlier turntable performance for which we made prepared pieces of vinyl >>>

Turntable Music Night 6: Ten Berge & Van Weelden from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.